If you missed a block of the evening news, you wouldn’t know it happened.

If you saw the news story on this society-shaking and unconstitutional event, chances are that its impact was downplayed to an extent laughable if the subject wasn’t so serious.

Yesterday, the FDA released what are called “deeming regulations” regarding all products related to nicotine.

I take that back. They did not describe the products they so desire to regulate as “related to nicotine”, they cowardly call them “tobacco products” in order to further cement their current rhetoric, and to “legally” classify these products into a category in which they feel comfortable stretching their bureaucratic might.

What you likely heard on the news was an explanation of the regulations which almost undoubtedly relied upon pleas to keep the children safe, and that the long term risks are unknown.

I am, of course, speaking of vaporizers, or what are often unfortunately referred to as e-cigarettes.

And this is where the title of this piece comes in.

I have one plea to make to the people of this country:

Stop caring about your loved ones.

Those who have found an alternative to carcinogens will no longer have that option.

Stop caring about your grandmothers.

I’ve met many of them from behind the counter. Sweet ladies who found a way to hope for a few more months or years with their grandchildren.

Stop caring about your sons and daughters.

When the divorce happened, they picked up smoking at 14. Then, their friends mentioned their vape pen, and they nipped a life-consuming habit right in the bud.

Stop caring about the bloated health care industry, a hyper-inflated
bureaucracy, the politicians’ pockets who are being lined, and the industries that are profiting from this ruling.

They haven’t cared about you for decades, if not centuries.

Stop caring about your representatives who have secured their campaign funding by allowing this to happen.

Your interests, and those of everyone you love is the least of their concerns.

Stop caring about those few people who have so far injured themselves, or been injured by a vaping device.

Their number will pale in comparison to the multitude who will harm themselves by attempting to cobble together a crude device from scavenged parts.

Stop caring about your husband or wife, who hopes the person who makes their e-liquid in their basement is sanitary.

Lung infections aren’t really that big of a deal. It’s not like there’s antibiotic-resistant bacteria crawling around.

You might think this is coming from some reactionary who’s just upset because the cloud-blowers who decided to fog up your face should have a right to.

I can’t stop you from believing it. I could explain that I use devices from eight watts to one hundred and eighty watts, and that each of these devices fulfills a different side of my cravings, but it likely wouldn’t matter, because you’re quickly learning not to care about finer distinctions like that.

You know what?

I really think we should stop caring about this country.

The people who rule our lives from hundreds of miles away sure know exactly how to run things.

I’m sure when they decided to classify vaping as tobacco consumption, they were thinking about your aunt and uncle, who haven’t picked up a pack of smokes since you gave each of them a vape pen and some liquid for Christmas.

Stop caring about your petitions. Money talks.

Stop caring about your rights. Other people know better.

Stop caring about your lives.

They are for sale.

~ A Vaper