Thanks for being a really reliable company to order from. I have not had a single problem with any orders and the stuff I have ordered has all been good quality, especially the cartomizers, which I’ve always had a problem with from other stores. – MW Colorado

I would like to thank you for an exceptional online buying experience. I’m still relatively new to vaping and I’ve spent a lot of time recently searching the internet for different equipment and juices. Over the past couple months I’ve been to more websites than I can count, and I have placed orders with at least a dozen different retailers. Wednesday morning before going to work, I placed an order with Indy Vapor Shop, and two other “vapor shops” both located in Indiana as well. Today, (Friday) I received the order that I placed with IVS in the mail. It was packaged very well in a nice heavy box, not a cheap padded envelope like most places use. I have to say, I’m impressed with your e-juices, they taste great and produce a ton of vapor. But, I’m even more impressed with the outstanding customer service and the incredible value that you offer.. So far the only thing that I’ve received from the other two “vape shops” I ordered from on Wednesday, is an email saying they have received my order. It’s pretty obvious in my book, the hands down clear cut winner of my Hoosier “Vapor Bowl” is Indy Vapor Shop. Thank you for doing vapor right, I look forward to trying more of your products soon. – ML Indiana

You are the ONLY Store online in the U.S. that had the 510 XL Battery; XL T-Carts; T-Atomizers; and 808 Cartomizers…which I was very surprised about. I checked ALL of the Stores I could find(probably around 75 or so over the last 2 days), and I needed all 4 of these items and didn’t want to pay shipping for ordering from more than 1 Store since I’m only buying these few items(especially since I already just ordered Juice from a separate store–before I found you), so I am so glad I found you! Thank you so much! – RF Iowa

Since 2010, Indy Vapor Shop has been Indianapolis’ premier electronic cigarette retailer and hub of the *vaping community. The business is owned and operated by the same folks as Mike’s Coin Shop, to where it sat adjacent prior to October 2013. Due to the increasing size of its business and customer base, the Indy Vapor Shop moved to 4930 Lafayette Road (which is in the same strip mall as Eagle Creek Liquors). The move was quite necessary, as lines would often be out-the-door at the previous location. Parking at the old location was difficult and problematic. All of these issues have been firmly resolved at the new location.

The Indy Vapor Shop is huge! It features a large sales floor, complete with a sampling bar. The sampling bar may be the most positive aspect of the new store. *Vapers will no longer need to gamble on not liking a particular flavor of *e-juice–as nearly every flavor sold is available to be sampled prior to purchase. This has become increasingly important as more expensive, premium juices have become popular. You don’t even need own an electronic cigarette to enjoy the sampling bar. They have house batteries and Kanger tanks for the prospective vaper. It is also completely sanitary as disposable tips are readily available for use.

To begin vaping, you need to have the correct supplies. Don’t settle for the rubbish that is sold at gas stations. You’ll find that quality vaping hardware (made by JoyE, Kanger, etc) does not have to be an expensive investment. The Indy Vapor shop carries a very wide-array of e-juices and vaping supplies. If economy is your motive for vaping, Indy Vapor Shop’s “house” blends may just the thing for which you are looking. The standard “house” blends are manufactured in China, but the gourmet blends are American made. To my knowledge, the Indy Vapor Shop does not actually mix any of the juices. Personally, I used the Chinese-made juices for years. They taste just fine and are very inexpensive. If American-made quality is your fancy, the Indy Vapor Shop carries many premium e-juices from companies like Halo, Vermillion River, Wicked Good, and the coveted Five Pawns. If mixing your own e-juices is your forte, the Indy Vapor Shop carries everything you need.

If you want to hang out, the Indy Vapor Shop has a one-of-a-kind vaping lounge–complete with a vending machine and flat screen television. The vaping lounge is a perfect way to enjoy your most recent purchase, as well as a means to get acquainted with other vapers.

Ditch the cigarettes; they’re nasty. Give vaping a whirl, and when you do, be sure to make the Indy Vapor Shop your preferred retailer. – Mike F. Via Yelp Indiana

Just received my Hornet today (also my birthday) and got it up & running on my Reo on my 1st try… woohoo!!

I had also won some of Indy’s juice at our local “Central Texas Vapers” meet a week ago or so. Thanks for supporting our local club! You got another new customer out of it too! – SK Texas

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I absolutely love your store! You’re doing an amazing job & we will never go anywhere else!! – MS Indiana

My mother and I bought our first e-cigarettes from you (Joyetech) on may 3rd. and both of us haven’t touched a real cigarette since. She has smoked 2pks a day for 56 years… thank you for saving our lives!! – AH Ohio

Thank you so much for the outstanding product and fast processing and shipment, also your responses to my questions. Thank you! will be doing business again and often! – DK APO AE

I recently ordered some Halo juice from you and somehow the wrong item was sent. I want to thank you for the speedy replacement. Your customer service is excellent. I will recommend you to all my vaping friends. Keep up the good work! – KS Texas

Got my premium gourmet mix juice order today. Outstanding! Far superior to that of my local walk-in shop (much smoother hit), and half the price. (I don’t think his customers have discovered the Internet yet). Count on me to spread the word. It’s likely I’ll be a regular here. – MS Pennsylvania

I have stopped smoking and you have been a great help. Excellent! Great job! – KT Texas

Got my order from IVS today, everything is here and the ego twist is BADASS!, so much better than the knockoff version of the 1100mah ego that I bought local. Will be ordering from you guys again for sure. – RN Kentucky

Got my twist today and I must say it is amazing! Thank you so much. And I was thrilled to find a shop in indiana. Will be buying from you again and also thanks for the great customer sevice. A+ – CE Indiana

Wow Mike! I really appreciate the excellent service. I can assure you I will be a repeat customer, and I will be sure to let everyone know how professional you are. – EM Texas

The Halo Belgium Cocoa E-liquid is OUTSTANDING. It actually tastes like cocoa. – JB Nevada

Greetings. I received both of my orders today. Very fast shipping. Well pleased and look forward to doing more business with an excellent company. Thank you. – ES Michigan

I’m a new customer to Indy Vapor and just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I received my order “priority” in two days and the products I ordered are outstanding, exactly what I was hoping they would be. I will be checking out your site and definitely order from the store again. – BW Virginia

I feel comfortable ordering from Indy Vapor and your initial service to me last week was appreciated. – TN Indiana

This is my first order, and my first “mod”. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you! – JL Arizona

Can you recommend a liquid in 24mg thats light colored and has a stronger throat hit then the Novi which is the one im liking right now? Also do you guys carry the type b cylinder attys? I couldn’t find them on your site.Thank you for your time and thank you for the fast shipment, and all working pieces. I look forward to ordering from you in the future and sorry about all the questions, but I’m nervous about doing this right and sticking to it. Have a great day. – ZL Florida

Its nice to find a store locally, I’d much rather spend my vaping dollars around town instead of in china. – DS Indiana

I stopped by your shop about 3 weeks ago, Great service, I’ve been a non-smoker since, Thank you, I have been handing your cards out, send some more. Thanks again. – SL Indiana

Long time customer here. Unfortunately busy with work and cannot drive by the store. Hope to see you soon. Your RY-4 is the BEST! – MP IN

I really liked the Halo Tribeca juice. So now I’ll try the Tiki. – JC MO

Thanks for the help in store over the weekend I am definitely glad my cousin Mark recommended you to me and will be sure to get my supplies online here from now on! – DC IN

Your store is great and has quick shipping, I just hope one day I can be there in person to check out the great deals. – MC IN

I am continually passing on your site, to those people that try my e-cigs. I hope they are patronizing your store. I appreciate all that you do for us vaporers. – MP IN

Thanks again! 24mg was too strong, perhaps. Very interested in the VG/pg mix. The 5V box bod that I bought from your store still rocks. – HB WA

I am just outside of Louisville, Ky and my atomizer just went kaput. I am going to bookmark you and start ordering from you. Got your site from Joyetech distributors list. – EC KY

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