We are saddened by the recent denial for the Preliminary Injunction here in Indiana today. This DOES NOT mean our industry should give up! While Hoosier Vapers, the organization leading the state lawsuit, regroups and releases their continuation plan, keep in mind that there is STILL an active Federal Lawsuit going on! Donating to SFATA means you’ll be supporting the Federal fight. It’s not over yet! We need to band together and unite! Vapers in Indiana should continue battling these ridiculous laws by doing the following:

If you’re a business:
*Join the SFATA Indiana Chapter- get involved now! It’s not too late!
*Get the 2 SFATA Indiana fundraising initiatives in your store
*Meet with your Congressman to support BOTH HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop amendment
*Donate to the Indiana SFATA Chapter to fight state and national laws (FDA we’re coming for you!)
*Put out educational information for your consumers!
*Donate to Hoosier Vapers

If you’re a consumer:
*Only support Businesses that support advocacy! Stop buying from vapor shops that are not involved in the fight!
*Join CASAA and donate to them
*Do the Calls to Actions
*Tell everyone you know about our fight!
*Don’t give up!
*Donate to Hoosier Vapers