by: Kevin M. Price – Vape About It

The Indiana State Senate has just signed HR 1432 into law that will undoubtedly change vaping forever whether it stays or not. The joint efforts of some Big Money Investors has produced a monopolizing and polarizing effect on the vaping industry for Indiana. Recently, the Indiana state Senate allowed the owners of a state of the art e-liquid facility to push their Standard Operating Platform onto everyone that wishes to do business with or in the state of Indiana. The bill is overwhelmingly impossible to comply with but that didn’t stop them from making it a law.

So, when Rod Ratcliff – Centaur Gaming (Casinos), Zak & Bob Laikin – Monument Vapor & Indiana Vapor Co., Jon Sinder – Crown Liquors (package liquor stores), along with Doug Mulhaupt & Mike Gibson – Owners of Mulhaupt’s security all decided that they would pool their resources together and force the entire state of Indiana to comply with their standards or be left in the cold, they got what they wanted, a monopoly. The ONLY security company that could provide the necessary requirements was, you guessed it, Mulhaupts Security. Not only does this violate the Interstate Commerce clause allowing Federal jurisdiction but it is indicative of utter corruption. The intent was nothing more than a way to force business in their direction.

The most disconcerting issue is what has NOT happened yet because the likes of this same law are already spreading to other states. In fact, it was pushed in Georgia but they had a Trade Association at the ready and destroyed the bill before it had a chance to disease that state too. It is without a doubt that these investors are looking at Vaping as their next big cash cow and with vaping grossing $3 billion last year, who can blame them? As a small but rapidly growing industry, I can only hope the smaller e-liquid makers do not face this fate of conglomeration and manipulation to allow a few to take what so many have worked so hard to gain. If it is to come to this, we will see many manufacturers having to turn to big corporate co-packing facilities to survive.

The industry has been affected by this attempt of ‘control’ and ‘paid for political influence’ to write laws that impact all of us. No longer will you have the ‘Handcrafted Small Batch’ e-liquid companies, but instead, large facilities that have managed to use their monetary influence on politicians to take that genuine and unique craft out of the industry. The original and organic grassroots movement is what makes the Vaping Industry so great. Investors are watching this industry. Are we ready to allow them to take control of vaping from the people that are passionate about it and have given their all? Time will tell…