By: Donald Rainwater – Candidate for Indiana State Senate – District #20

Indiana’s new Vaping Law is a textbook example of government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy. Only those who have the money to pay for favorable legislation in the Indiana General Assembly get laws passed.

The “citizen legislator” doesn’t exist today. Average people who want to participate in “their” government are shut out because they cannot financially complete. Without a wealthy benefactor, the people who are most effected by the General Assembly have no voice in it. The men and women elected to the General Assembly have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, received from large corporate and special interests, in order to win their place at the legislative table.

Small business in Indiana is also fighting a losing battle against the odds. It seems that the General Assembly is only interested in passing legislation that is backed by large corporations and/or special interest groups with campaign contributions or promises of future employment in hand. Republicans say they are pro-small business, but their legislative agenda proves otherwise. Laws, such as the new Vaping Law which destroys entrepreneurialism in favor of an legislatively created monopoly, are reprehensible. Consumers do not benefit from this. The only ones who benefit from artificially restricted competition are the established major companies and the politicians that they pay to squash competition.

It is time for average citizens to recognize the ethically compromised nature of the Republican-controlled Indiana General Assembly and bring back liberty and justice for all.