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“The better the information that a customer has prior to purchase, the more informed is his or her buying decision!” – Mike

Electronic cigarettes are an evolving technology. They are constructed of non-durable replaceable components with a limited life span. Please read our limited warranty information prior to ordering.

Aspire Brand Information

Aspire was founded in 2013, and has quickly become one of the best-known vaping brands in the world today with many online reviewers talking about Aspire product virtues.

Aspire is manufactured in house by our factory which has vast e-cigarette experience of over ten years. Our factory has high quality, and stable customer relations with many of the leading electronic cigarette companies the world over. Our management, product development, and quality control are key to our success.

We have high-level R&D teams consisting of many senior technical experts in the company, and abroad, with rich experience within the industry. We have over 25-patented products, and our goal is to develop at least one new product every three months–more than four new models a year.

With advanced production, checkout equipment, and perfect quality guarantee systems, Aspire can assure your business stable delivery with high quality.

Along with our continuous development of the Aspire brand, we are also unceasingly carrying out the integration of development, production, and sales promotion.

We also work persistently to create a perfect customer service system to provide our customers with honest, unbiased, and courteous service.

Horizon Brand Information

Horizon Technology Co.,Ltd is a specialized high-tech enterprise which engages in the R&D, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes with several years of experience. We can offer you products such as Electronic cigarette, Mini E-cigarette, E-cigar, E-pipe, E-cigarette accessories. The company adheres to the principle of “making market guide the product, developing the enterprise through science and technology”.

Horizon has a good research and development team. The company invests a lot of research and development funds to support the development of new products, and regards consumer experience as the product development basis. Our engineers always say no to perfection.

Horizon has a group of skillful workers. The company applies scientific and humanized management mode to each link of production. We provide all kinds of benefits for each employee to make them feel the company like a family, so that we can make concentrated effort and be a united group.

Horizon regards product quality as enterprise” life! The company has passed GMP, ISO9001, and series of international quality system certifications. From the SQA incoming inspection, PQC process controlling and testing, simulating customers testing, to the final OQC shipment verification, we strictly execute ISO9001 quality management standard to ensure product quality. Our products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC certifications.

We have outstanding procurements who have a large supply of information about the raw material, this guarantees that we can provide our customers any material they need.

Our customer commissioners know well about the customer requirements in different regions. They can provide the most professional service to meet our clients requirements.

Our market experts have many years of related experience. Their professional knowledge and macro-control of market supply and demand enables us to purchase the raw material in the optimal timing, so that we can provide our customers the best price of required product.

Horizons goal:  “To be a respected industrial leader who provides customers with healthy and high quality products” as our company vision. We would like to find partners all over the world, and sincerely hope to conclude transactions with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. We’re looking forward to creating a good future with you!

Innokin Brand Information

Innokin was founded in 2011 with the goal of combining technological innovation, leading designs and the highest standards of quality to create the best electronic cigarettes and Advanced Personal Vaporizers in the world.

Innokin electronic cigarettes give you true vaping freedom. With Innokin e-cigarettes you simply add your preferred e-Liquid flavors and then you select the precise power output which creates a perfect taste with the ideal amount of vapor.

Innokin currently designs and manufacturers four internationally recognized electronic cigarette brands; i-Taste, i-Clear, CoolFire, i-Sub, Gladius, Lily and the all new Innokin Cell vaping mods are popular in every country where there are Vapers and Innokin mods are already available in more than 5000 Vape shops across America.

Innokin electronic cigarettes are far more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly than wasteful low-tech disposable e-cigarettes; once you’ve vaped an Innokin e-cigarette you’ll never waste your money on a disposable e cigarette again.

Innokin has a 10,000m2 factory in Shenzhen, China, and offices with an affiliated After Sales Service and Repair center in the United States in California. In order to ensure that our company & products are of the highest quality Innokin strictly adheres to the following certifications: ISO9001 & ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, FCC & more.

Our teams of engineers and designers strive daily to create technologies and designs which are totally unique & unrivalled. Innokin has 16 Design Patents, 16 Patents for Utility Models and 17 Processing Patents and we are truly the international leader in electronic cigarette function and design.
Innokin devices each have their own unique functionality and style and all of our electronic cigarettes utilize ‘easy to use’ advanced technologies which give you the ultimate vaping experience every time and anywhere.
With an Innokin e-cigarette you are vaping the very best.

Kanger Brand Information

Kanger Technology Co. Ltd is a manufacturer that specializes in products of the electronic cigarette, with a combination of Hardware development, processing and manufacturing, sales-oriented philosophy. Since establishment, kanger co.,ltd has developed its own distinctive electronic products which enjoy wide popularity around the world. We take steady and down-to-earth management for granted and attempt to be the market’s innovation and open-mindness leader. We hold a complete quality system and carry such certificates as CE RoHS, SGS, ISO9001. We adhere strictly to International Environmental Management System of ISO14000 and ERP Resource Management System. With “Customer Satisfaction and Top Quality ” being our company tenet, we are determined and confident to make a difference in the electonic cigarette line and are always doing our best to make our brand satisfy our customers.

Kanger paves the way to develop our own patented electronic products and has won wide and high praise for our dedicated quality and service.

e-Leaf / i-Smoka Brand Information

i-Smoka Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen city. It is building up an excellent reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer support. Experienced management, along with decent relationships with distributors, enables i-Smoka Electronics Co., Ltd to quickly respond to customers’ demands.

i-Smoka always insists on “quality development” and “pursuit of long-term co-operation”. Nowadays, there are many loyal fans in Europe, Russia, America, and other regions. In addition, i-Smoka also provides distributors with a wide range of OEM applications.

i-Smoka Electronics Co., Ltd aspires to be an industry leader in electronic cigarette market by means of meeting customers’ demands and exceeding their expectations. Up to now, i-Smoka has succeeded in applying for a number of international authentication certificates, technology patents and CE international testing of the product. For a long time, i-Smoka has specialized in various products, elegant appearance, modern design and personalized color collocation. We believe that success requires providing world-class products at a competitive price as well as outstanding customer service. We at i-Smoka consider all customers to be partners and will do whatever makes for establishment and maintenance of a solid relationship.

Product Information:

Our products, BCC Mega and Mini BCC with a fashionable design and improved technology, are very popular in Euro-American market and loved by end users.

The capacity of BCC Mega is as much as 3.5ml. And three options of BCC Mega head: 1.8 ohm, 2.2 ohm, 2.5 ohm, will meet demand of different e-cigarette-lovers.

With a fashionable design, Mini BCC can perfectly match with all batteries of eGo series on the market.

Recently, we have released another new type of product iGo, which has a battery capacity of 2100 mAh for long-term use. It can match with BCC Mega very well. Besides, we have CE and RoHS certificate for it.

i-Smoka will always make progresses to reach the requirements of various E-cigarette lovers with a view to offering best products and service.

Joye Tech Brand Information

Joye Technology Co., Ltd. (Joye) is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer specialized in electronic cigarettes. They make every effort in production of electronic cigarettes and as well as technological innovation.

Motto: Professional quality and reasonable prices.

The company invests in technological development of new products, quality control, after-sales service, and customer satisfaction.

All products from Joye Tech are endowed with complete export certifications. They have applied relevant patents both domestic and abroad. They adhere to an integrity-based principle. The aim of Joye Tech is to share mutual benefits, knowledge, technology and experience with their partners.

Vision Brand Information

Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarette in china. We have several years’ experience in this particular line of business. We can offer you products such as Electronic cigarette, Mini E-cigarette, E-cigar, E-pipe, E-cigarette accessories.

Established in 2007, Vision High-Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized high-tech enterprise which engages in the R&D, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes. Vision has a production base covering an area of 13,000 square meters, including 4,000 square meters clean production base. In particular, we have established the most advanced laboratory of electronic cigarettes industry, and have 16 successful experimental projects and 9 innovation projects such as Vision EGo, Vision 2.0, Nova Tank, ET, Spinner. Moreover, we have already enlarged R&D center in DongGuan City. With 700employees, 19 international standard production lines, the enterprise daily output is up to 115000 sets.

We actively introduce professionals every year by taking out a quarter of profit for R&D of electronic cigarettes. Up to now, we have 37 R&D engineers, 12 senior engineers and 39 domestic and international patents of electronic cigarettes, and our products sensitivity test is the unprecedented project in electronic cigarette industry. In addition, our inspection items for battery and “e-liquid” are also unique. In order to satisfy customers different requirements, we make continuous innovation with many scientific research institutions.

Vision regards product quality as enterprise life! We have passed GMP, ISO9001, and series of international quality system certifications. Vision takes the lead to use TQM quality management system. From the SQA incoming inspection, PQC process controlling and testing, simulating customers testing, to the final OQC shipment verification, we strictly execute ISO9001 quality management standard to ensure product quality. In order to verify and ensure quality during transportation, we take return flight tests in the field operation. Our products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC certifications. Strict quality control and cost-effective products make us become long-term supplier of the world top 20 brands of electronic cigarettes. Our products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other more than 50 countries and regions.

Colorful collective activities are often held to create a good company culture atmosphere and high-efficient working environment. When focusing on our own development, Vision performs our society responsibility actively. We often take part in all kinds of public welfare and charitable activities.

Vision always take “to be a respected industrial leader who provides customers with healthy and high quality products” as our company vision. We look forward to creating a good future with you!

EhPro Brand Information

Founded in 2011, Shenzhen EhPro Technology Co., Ltd. has become a globally-renowned vaping product manufacturer engaged in research, design, production, marketing, selling, and customer service.
EhPro’s foundation was built on technological innovation and improvement of research and development (R&D). In 2014, EhPro researched and developed over forty authentic designs, out of which thirty have successfully become some of the highest selling products in the global marketplace.

Strongly focusing on consumer satisfaction, EhPro’s customer-oriented philosophy is backed by a vast knowledge of market innovation and trends that gain clients an advantage in the global marketplace. Currently, EhPro’s global sales network has reached over 60 countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, among many others. At its core, EhPro firmly believes that production of quality products is essential to business survival. Quality products offer their clients a competitive market advantage, and therefore earns customer trust and recognition. EhPro has implemented ISO9000 quality controls into every facet of the business, thus all products are manufactured with this corresponding quality system standard. All manufacturing processes stringently implement spot checks and inspection supervision by IQC, IPQC, and OQC. Quality control is executed by management who oversee production across all manufacturing sectors. All EhPro products have passed CE / ROHS / FCC and many other quality control certifications. QA oversees the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the entire process of design, production, sales, and after-sales service are up to the highest international quality standards.

EhPro’s core values are customer dedication, talented and hardworking employees, teamwork, data management, technological innovation, mutual trust. The corporate strategy is all about a mutually beneficial policy, what we like to call a win-win approach. All employees are encouraged to simultaneously develop corporate culture as well as sales. Therefore, after many years working with EhPro, corporate philosophy and culture are deeply rooted in the work of all employees. At the same time, great emphasis is placed upon employee happiness outside of work, ensuring sports and entertainment such as table tennis, badminton, basketball and much more is available to all employees at EhPro.

We at EhPro pride ourselves in creating a welcoming, optimistic, energetic, and supportive environment for all employees. Our greatest goal is to be highly recognized for our corporate culture to ensure we attract the best potential employees and improve people’s lifestyles.

HCigar Brand Information

HCigar specializes in producing all kinds of e-cigarettes and accessories,  a great number of importers and wholesaler stores and trading companies in the world have been cooperating with us on the processing ; marketing of our products.

Business Type – Manufacturer

Factory Location- 2nd Floor, No. 17 Building, Hualun Technological Park, Phoenix Xingye 1 Road, Fuyong Street Bao’an

Product – electronic cigarette and accessoires

Total Employees – 300

Markets – Exported around 90% of our total output to all over the world, such as North America, South America, East Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia

Service – We continually issue new design for our own brand, and also provide OEM & ODM service.

Strictly QC during production and before package.

Promote after-sales service.

Quality standard – CE, ROHS, internal QC system.

Youde Technology Brand Information

Zhuhai Youde Technology Co., Ltd is the branch of Zhuhai National Resources&Jingjie Group which was founded in 1995, mainly dedicated to developing and manufacturing the professional E-Cigarette, disposable E-cigarettes, atomizers cartomizers ect. Existing plant area of 45,000 square meters, is a well-established manufacturer in producing professional E-Cigarette.

UD is a Registered Trademark of Youde Technology Co., Ltd. At UD, we relentlessly strive to bring excellence in engineering and innovation to the market. We offer a complete range of Rebuildable Atomizers and high-performance MODs to the mainstream, and have proven to be the sound choice by even the most hardcore enthusiasts in the Vape Community around the globe. Our critically acclaimed products are highly reputable in Europe, North and Latin America, Southeast Asia and among other countries.

Every UD branded products have been approved by CE & RoHS certifications to ensure the highest of grade in quality

Smoktech Brand Information

Shenzhen SMOK Technology is committed to the continual improvement of its quality management system to ensure only the highest quality products reach our customers, adding quality management disciplines to meet the requirements of ISO9001. SMOK Technology is proud to provide products approved to the standards of CE, CB, RoHS. To secure the safety of our product users and the reliability of our entire product line, every step of the manufacturing process is built with IQC, IPQC, FQC, and AQL sampling in mind. All products are 100% inspected. Naturally, all employees are trained to productively problem-solve to meet SMOK Technology’s objective of ZERO DEFECTS. We have strict inspection of the products, so we promise you to provide you with high quality of electronic products. What’s more, our company insists on designing and inventing the new types of electronic cigarettes. Creation is the core spirit of our company. High quality and lower price—our products!

Boge Brand Information

Boge technology specializes in the development and research of electronic cigarettes. We use only the highest quality materials and technology and we spare no cost in the research and manufacturing efforts of the electronic cigarettes. Located in Shenzhen, our newly established automatic cartridge production line is equipped with high-tech machineries and all processes are carried out by a team of experts. Quality and customer satisfaction of Boge’s electronic cigarette and cartridges are superior to all existing brands of electronic cigarettes serving over a thousand suppliers around the world per month. To ensure the safety of the chemicals used by the electronic cigarette, we have had them tested and verified at some of the worlds best laboratories.

BW Brand Information

Bauway Technology Co., Ltd. (BW) is very highly respected in the marketplace and is a professional and high-tech manufacturer specializing in the development, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes. Since establishment, Bauway has been devoted to R&D and quality improvement. With a professional R&D team, skillful workers, a comprehensive quality control system and good after-sales services, Bauway products have been exported to abroad about 20 countries and regions, such as America, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.

The Bauway company has the independent brand of “bauway”, but also provides professional OEM manufacture and production service. Bauway has been a OEM supplier for many overseas E-cigarette brands. Bauway electronic cigarettes and accessories are renowned for their quality and functionality.

Sailebao Brand Information

Saile_bao Technology Co., Ltd. (DSE – SLB) is a technology integration company which specializes in electronic cigarette research, production, development, sales, and service. As one of the oldest and most respected electronic cigarette manufacturers, Bailbao has focused on developing top quality electronic cigarettes.

Management policy is to design and produce the most suitable and innovative products for Sailebao customers. For years, they have taken technical support as a basis, wholeheartedly providing the advanced technical products and the high quality services to all customers.

BE Brand Information

BestEcig (BECI – BE112 etc.) specializes in electronic cigarettes/e-liquid research, development, production, and sales. They were one of the earlier wholesale provider and manufacturer of hi-tech e-cigarette/e-liquid in china. With a professional R&D team, skillfull workers, a comprehensive quality control system and good after-sales services, their products are exported abroad to American, European, East-Asia and Middle East, and the company has numerous domestic and foreign electronic cigarette brands OEM production. Their products are of superior quality, CE, ROHS approved.

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