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Care & Maintenance Of Your Basic Electronic Cigarette


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The days of going out into the stifling heat or freezing cold in order to get one’s nicotine fix are over. The electronic cigarette allows smokers to once again sit in restaurants and sports bars alongside of non-smokers without clashing because E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco nor do they require an open flame. The smoke-like puff upon exhale of an electronic cigarette consists of a harmless, odorless vapor that disappears within seconds.

The models vary from brand to brand but the electronic cigarettes all function alike. In addition, E-cigarettes contain none of the 4000+ carcinogens expelled by smoking a tobacco-filled cigarette, which is coming to be known as an analog cigarette. The costs between analogs/tobacco cigarettes and the electronic counterpart are amazing after the initial cost of a starter kit. A user manual is included with most kits purchased including information about the e-cigarette, battery life, cartridge life, cleaning instructions, and more.

The nicotine liquid is available in varying milligrams of strength.

Things You’ll Need:

Electric Cigarette Starter Kit
Pre-filled or Blank Cartridges (optional)
Bottle of e-liquid (optional)

Step 1:

It is wise to read the user’s manual in order to correctly charge the battery or batteries included in the kit. Once the amount of charge time is complete, it is time to get started in assembling the E-cigarette.

Wash hands thoroughly then lay a clean cloth or towel on a flat stable service that is easy to access. This is especially important if one chooses to fill blank cartridges versus using the pre-filled cartridges.

Lay out all the items from the E-cigarette kit on the cloth including the pack of pre-filled cartridges. Include any additionally ordered items such as e-liquid, blank cartridges, or pre-filled cartridges of varying kinds. If using blank cartridges to fill with e-liquids, include either a toothpick or at the least a 16-gauge syringe with needle, and a pair of tweezers.

Bring the battery, which is a long cylindrical piece to the front where it is easy to grasp along with an atomizer and one of the pre-filled cartridges.

Everything should be right in front and easy to access for assembly.

If the plan is to fill blank cartridges with e-liquid, then set out a blank cartridge, bottle of one’s choice in e-liquid, the toothpick or syringe, and the tweezers.

Step 2:

Pick up the battery and the atomizer parts. Align the threads so the two pieces screw together without much force, paying special attention not to cross thread the items.

If the E-cigarette ordered has a button on the battery’s side, one can press it to ensure the the atomizer heats up. Only press this button a maximum of 5 seconds. Less is preferable.

Step 3:

Open the box with the pre-filled cartridges. Each set of pre-filled and blank cartridges come with a type of rubber covering at the end. This little rubber stopper earned the name of cart-condom among the many users that frequent online forums whose thread pertain to electronic cigarettes.

Remove the rubber stopper from the cartridge. Make sure the fibers inside the cartridge are not pulled out so far as to allow them to touch the atomizer. If a few strands are out of place, use the tip of a toothpick, pair of tweezers, or even a syringe needle (for those who will be filling blank cartridges) in order to press the material back into the cartridge yet not far. Press the filler to a point where it sits just inside the edge of the cartridge.

Hold the battery with atomizer in one hand while pressing the pre-filled cartridge into the opening of the atomizer. Do not apply overdue pressure. Sometimes it requires a slight twist; however, if twisting be sure to hold the battery and atomizer so neither are turning as this can pull the wires within the atomizer loose thus rendering the E-cigarette’s atomizer useless.

Others who will be filling blank carts should open a blank cartridge, ensure the filler is not hanging out of the cartridge, and then either use the e-liquid bottle as a dropper or if it includes a dropper use this to drop liquid into the cartridge filler a drop at a time. Stop when the liquid is beginning to puddle in the cartridge. It is also possible to draw the e-liquid into a syringe then press the needle into the cartridge in order to press the plunger thus filling the blank cartridge’s absorbent filler with e-liquid of personal choice; however, do not overfill as this can flood the atomizer. If there is too much liquid simply draw it back into the syringe via the needle and return to the e-liquid bottle.

As mentioned above with pre-filled cartridges, add the cartridge to the battery and atomizer sections already put together by pressing the cartridge into place. It is extremely important NOT to twist the atomizer if a slight twist to insert the cartridge is necessary as this can damage the atomizer beyond repair, which will require the use of an extra atomizer included in some kits or a new purchased atomizer.

Step 4:

The E-Cigarette is ready for use. Tobacco analog cigarettes are for smoking; however, since the E-Cigarettes have only vapor instead of smoke, the term used for puffing on an E-cig is vaping. It’s time for the first vape.

Depending on whether the E-cigarette has a manual switch or not will make a difference in the type of puff one will take to vape. If the E-cigarette has a button, then press the button for no more than 5 seconds while inhaling the vapor. Anyone using the E-cigarette can either hold the vapor in one’s mouth or inhale as is done with an analog cigarette. Many users tend to hold the vapor then exhale allowing the nicotine to absorb without inhaling into the lungs but others prefer to inhale as one would an analog cigarette so it is clearly left to preference.

If the E-cigarette in questions does NOT have a manual button on the battery then it is necessary to take a short quick puff/drag/inhale to tell the chip inside the battery it is time to work and then take another puff afterward to take in the vapor from the cartridge as it’s heated by the atomizer.

It is important not to allow the atomizer to become too hot regardless of whether the battery unit has a manual button or requires the primer puff to activate the atomizer. High temperatures can damage the atomizer causing it to go out completely with no hope of reprieve thus requiring one to use the alternative atomizer included in the kit, if said kit includes an extra atomizer or the purchase of a new atomizer. The time frame seems to be anywhere between 1 day to as high as 2 months.

Step 5:

The E-cigarette will eventually reach a point where it feels dry when vaping or reach a point where there is little to no vapor coming from the unit. It is time to either top off the cartridge by adding a few drops of e-liquid to the cartridge or if one is using pre-filled cartridges, it’s time to replace the spent cartridge with another pre-filled cartridge.

Those who opt to refill the cartridges should rinse the filler material well every few days and when changing flavors of liquid say from tobacco-flavored to cherry. It is important to note that some suppliers offer non-flavored e-liquid with a variety of E-cig save flavorings and bottles to allow one to experiment with mixing flavors. A prime example is mixing a cherry flavor with a coke flavor making the E-cig taste like an old-fashioned Soda from the old drug store days of Cherry Coke. Other flavors are available including peach, mango, cream, praline, grape, lemon, vanilla, french vanilla, and etc… In addition, there are tobacco flavors available WITHOUT the tobacco smell of second-hand smoke as it is still vapor without odor and harmless to others. Tobacco flavors including a variety of menthol brands.

Over time, the parts of the E-cigarettes will require replacement. The length of time for the batteries and atomizers last generally includes the quality of the parts, frequency of use, allowing the atomizer to get too hot, twisting the atomizer causing breakage of wires, and the build up from the flavorings; however, it is possible to clean the atomizer to remove much of the build up. Sometimes this will lengthen the working time. Users that choose to refill cartridges will need to replace cartridges and filler from time to time even with washing the filler material out when needed or when changing flavors of liquid. The cartridges will need replacing as well over time.

Still, when comparing E-Cigarettes to analog cigarettes, the E-cigarettes tend to be much cheaper to use. In some cases, users have actually been able to kick the nicotine habit for good dropping from the highest milligram of 100mg down to 36mg, 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, to 0mg of nicotine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Isn’t nicotine harmful to human health?

Tomatoes also contain nicotine but do not cause harm to the human body. The real injury to the human body is not from nicotine, but from tar. The e-cigarette does not contain tar.

2. What are the constituents of the solution-mixture in e-cigarette cartridges? Is the solution safe?

The E-cartridge is mainly composed of propylene glycol, and a very small amount of nicotine. Propylene Glycol is a food additive found in many foods we eat today, such as food coloring, flavoring and also used to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist. It is considered as generally safe and it is the element that helps to create the vapor that simulates smoke. Nicotine is an alkaloid that is naturally present in certain plants. A high presence is found in tobacco and a low presence is found in common vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes and green peppers. Nicotine, when delivered in small dosages such can deliver a feeling of calmness or relaxation. Current available information states that nicotine in and of it self has not been shown to promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue. Additionally, it has not been shown to have any mutagenic properties. This being said, it should also be noted that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has not evaluated nicotine as of this time.

3. Could the e-cigarette really be substituted for an ordinary cigarette and does it really deliver the same flavor as ordinary cigarettes?

The e-cigarette simulates traditional smoking, by meeting smokers physiological, psychological and behavioral needs. It offers a variety of flavors to satisfy smokers unique taste requirements and cultural backgrounds.

4. What’s the main difference between the e-cigarette and ordinary cigarettes?

The e-cigarette does not use combustion and produces no smoke; It does not produce any new substances in the process of vaporization. Furthermore, the e-cigarette, does not produce any dangerous substances such as tar carbon monoxide that are produced during ordinary smoking. It does not produce second-hand smoke that would harm family members and pollute the environment.

5. Is the product approved by the FDA or any other US orgnaization?

The Electronic cigarette is a nicotine delivery device, and it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA or any other US Regulatory Organization at this time. The Electronic cigarette is not a product that calls for the oversight of either the FDA or the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau as it does not contain tobacco. Our product and it’s benefits do not fit the classification of products that these organizations govern.

6. Some people get dizzy or feel nauseous after using the e-cigarette. How could this be true if the product has no side-effects?

If people inhale excessively, or too quickly or intensely, a person may feel temporary discomfort. In that case, a person should start with a lower-level nicotine cartridge.

7. Can I use this product anywhere?

The Electronic cigarette does not have any burning of tobacco. It is non flammable, and it does not produce any smoke. And thus, you are allowed to use this device in public, where the law is applicable.

8. How do I maintain the Electronic Cigarettes?

Our products have passed rigorous quality control from our manufacturing, so The Electronic Cigarette needs little regular maintenance. The following guide is provided courtesy of e-smokers-forum.com and authored by Jim Davis.


The Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting and Informational Guide – Revision 4

Use this Guide At Your Own Risk.

This guide is intended to be used as reference only. The Author, Indy Vapor Shop and esmokers-forum.com are not responsible for any damage or injury connected with this information. Users should abide by all rules of safety when using, maintaining, or modifying any e-cig components.

If You Are Unsure About Something, Ask For Help.

Using, maintaining, and repairing an electronic cigarette requires some basic mechanical and electrical knowledge. Not all of us are experts in these fields. If friends of relatives are unable to help, answers are available at http://www.e-smokers-forum.com/. Even if you’re not having problems at this time, stop by the Forum, Register (It’s Free), and share your thoughts and experiences with the great group of people there.


Manufacturer’s instructions on how to use and maintain the Electronic Cigarette.

Basic Battery information.

Troubleshooting Guide & tips.

Basic E-Liquid information.

The Following Document Is From Shenzhen Joye Technology:

How do you smoke the Electronic cigarette?

E-smoking is different from normal smoking. E-smoking is a matter of inhaling rather then smoking. When you inhale, you should consider the following:

Inhale as though drawing soda through a straw, slow and consistent pull.

Do not inhale continuously or for a long period. Do not pull too heavy or too fast or too many times in a short period of time. This will have a negative effect on the cigarette function Always pull slowly (3 to 5 times pulling) and let the atomizer rest in between for at least 3 minutes.

Over consuming your E-cigarette will lead to malfunctions. If you wish to inhale more or more frequently it is advised to use 2 sets of E-cigarettes at the alternatively.


1. Clean the battery and atomizer by using purified alcohol to clean the contact points of the battery and atomizer with a clean paper tissue. By doing this regularly, your cigarette will perform better.

2. Clean the inside of the atomizer with a paper tissue, to absorb remaining liquid.

3. If you feel your cigarette does not produce enough vapor or the pulling becomes heavy, it is time to clean. Blow through the atomizer side, on the other side you will see liquid coming out. After this operation, clean everything and dry it with a paper tissue. Your cigarette should be working better now. If the cigarette does not perform better, go to point 4.

4. Take the inside of an old cartridge and pull it out of the mouthpiece. Rinse it with water and press it dry. Put it back in the cleaned mouthpiece. Pour 2 drops of hot water on the cartridge. Draw without inhaling for a few minutes and check the cartridges. If the cartridge is brown, take it out and repeat the procedure until clean. Then put in a new cartridge and new battery. Your cigarette should be ok now.

5. Self resetting: If you have the impression your cigarette does not develop enough vapor or the pulling is heavy you can try this: put the battery side in your mouth and blow on it. There are 2 little holes next to the LED light. Now your atomizer heats up and burns the rest liquid on the atomizer. Do not exceed 12 seconds of blowing or your atomizer will burn dead. After this operation your cigarette will function normal again. You will need to replace the battery and charge the one you just used.


Sometimes you might think your atomizer is dead, because vapor reduces significantly. In this case you can do the following:

1.) Take out the cartridge and mouthpiece and battery.

2.) Clean contact points of battery and atomizer with purified alcohol.

3.) Take the atomizer with the big opening up and pour purified alcohol inside. Shake the atomizer for 2 minutes, drain the alcohol through the small hole at the other side and repeat this at least 3 times

4.) Rinse the atomizer with hot water and let it dry for 16 hours standing up.

5.) After 16 hours, if your atomizer is dry, you can put in a new cartridge and new battery. Your cigarette will work normal again.


The following, is basic information on the batteries used with the Electronic Cigarette Standard batteries supplied with the basic starter kits.

1.) The basic Manual Battery. The manual battery has a button that has to be depressed to activate the battery, User simply presses the button, draws on the mouthpiece, and lets go of the button when finished. This is considered the most reliable by e-cig users, since the battery is basically sealed to prevent excess e-liquid from entering the working parts. Accidental activation is possible by keeping the e-cig in a pocket or purse without protection. If the button is accidentally pressed, the e-cig will activate, and could cause damage or injury.

2.) The Automatic Battery. (Vacuum Activated) This type of battery has a vacuum switch inside the unit. When the e-cig is used the switch senses vacuum from drawing on the mouthpiece, and activates the battery. Damage to the vacuum switch is possible by adding too much liquid. The excess liquid can flow into the switch, thus damaging the mechanical moving parts. Most users recommend not dripping into these units, as it is easy to flood the battery.

3.) The Automatic Battery. (Sound Activated) This type of battery is activated by the sound of air rushing by drawing on the mouthpiece. There is an actual miniature microphone in the unit to accomplish this task. This type of battery is not recommended to be used in a noisy environment. The battery will falsely activate the e-cig causing burns, battery strain, or burnt out atomizers. Riding motorcycles, or other similar recreational vehicles, loud music, factory noise, night clubs or similar environments are not good for the sound activated batteries. Batteries for Heavy Duty Mods.

Most batteries for e-cig use are AA or AAA size, but are not to be confused with the everyday AA or AAA batteries, such as the Duracell, Energizer, etc. The standard batteries are 1.2 to 1.5 volts, and will not power an e-cig. The special batteries we use, although the same physical size, output approximately 3.5 to 4.2 volts. These batteries must not be placed in standard AA or AAA battery chargers, and the special e-cig chargers must not be used on standard batteries. The special e-cig batteries come in two basic forms. Protected and unprotected. A lithium-ion battery can become unstable, and burn or explode if overcharged, shorted, or drained beyond its limits. A protected battery has a circuit to prevent these things from damaging the battery. Unprotected batteries do not have this “safety” circuit. Protected batteries are also slightly larger to accommodate the added circuitry. Additional information can be obtained here; http://www.batteryuniversity.com/index.htm.


Battery Will Not Charge:

NOTE; If your problem is with a single battery, and other batteries will charge, your problem is with the Battery or its connector.

Vapor is decreasing:

1. Battery weak. Replace or recharge battery.

2. Dry cartridge.

a. Refill cartridge.

3. Atomizer flooded. (Too much juice)

a. Blow through the connector end of the atomizer, and try again.

4. Possible e-juice problem.

a. If the decrease in vapor occurred when you changed to another type of juice, the juice is probably the problem. Adding VG to the juice will increase vapor production, but will dilute the nicotine level and flavor of your juice.

Burnt Taste:

1. Remove the cartridge and check the atomizer for loose fibers. The fibers from the cartridge sometimes stick to the atomizer bridge and burn as they dry out.

2. Check for a dry cartridge. The atomizer must be wet with juice to deliver vapor & flavor. Refill the cartridge, and place one or two drops of liquid directly on the atomizer bridge. Be careful. Too much juice will flood the atomizer.

The most common problems are covered here. If you have a problem that is not listed in this guide, or have other questions, don’t hesitate to go to http://www.e-smokers-forum.com and post your question. The people there are friendly and helpful.


The very first thing to know is that many distributors claim that one cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. This is totally false. One cartridge is equivalent to approximately 3 to 10 cigarettes, depending on the way you are accustomed to smoking.

Using factory filled cartridges is extremely expensive. E-liquid is the answer to keeping costs at a reasonable level, and allows you to control your nicotine intake, and flavor preferences.

E-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors. At this time, nicotine concentration is available from 0 to 100mg. 36mg is considered very high, and anything above 36mg is recommended for mixing only. 24mg is usually a good starting point.

CAUTION; Never use additives that contain oil or sugar. Oil & sugar will foul your atomizer. Also avoid flavorings with high amounts of artificial coloring. The health risk of inhaling artificial colorings is unknown.


1. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) VG is a common food additive, and is used to cut e-juice. VG has a sweet taste, and delivers clouds of vapor. For example, adding 50% VG to 48mg juice will give you two bottles of 24mg juice.

Keep in mind that if you cut any juice, you will decrease the nicotine level, and the flavor. Check the label. Any additive should say ‘USP’. USP means that the product is food grade. If it doesn’t say USP on the label, don’t use it.

2. PG (Propylene Glycol) PG is the main ingredient in most e-liquids. It is another vapor producer, but does not produce the amount of vapor as VG. VG is much thinner than VG, and is used to thin the liquid. Some people have an allergy to PG., and should buy non PG e-liquids.

The additives mentioned above can be used in most any combination. It’s advisable to keep your liquid thick enough as not to freely run through the atomizer. Thin as water is not good. There have been no known problems reported that juice was too thick.

Any questions are gladly answered by members of http://www.e-smokers-forum.com don’t hesitate to ask.



Keep out of reach of children and pets/animals. This is especially true for cartridges and liquids.

*In case of persistent sore throat, discontinue use. This could be a sign of a PG allergy.

* When putting an atomizer on a battery, only finger tighten. Over turning can cause damage to the battery and/or atomizer.

* Lithium-Ion batteries may pose a fire risk. Do not leave unattended while charging.

* Keep cartridges in a cool dark place.

* If a Personal Vaporizer is not going to be in use for an extended period of time, remove the cartridge so the excess liquid does not damage the electronic components.

* Once a cartridge is open, use within 1-2 weeks.


Same principals apply to Models 801 and 510


Joye eGo Information

Sample Monthly Budget:

For the average user that smoked about one pack of tobacco cigarettes per day, the following would be a typical electronic cigarette monthly budget:

1 Replacement Battery – $11
3 Replacement Atomizers – $27
10 Replacement Blank Cartridges – $4
20ml E-Liquid – $9

$53 per month versus $200 and up for tobacco cigarettes!

For more in depth information, please visit:

How To Vape – See more at: http://indyvaporshop.com/e1.html#sthash.Z6aMfK20.dpuf