“Blind” E-Liquid Taste Test Results

Taste Test Results

We are including a sample of e liquid with random orders.

The juice is identified as to strength and PG/VG content but is not named as to flavor or manufacturer.

We will reveal the flavor/manufacturer when we switch to the next sample.

We ask that you let us know by email the following:

What you liked or did not like about the taste, vapor production, texture, etc.

Any additional comments that you would like to add.

Comments will be displayed on this page. No respondents will be named.

Have fun!
Sample A:

Wow. That is good! Very mellow and good throat hit.
T.C. – Ohio

Tobacco flavor. Tastes somewhat like Halo freedom juice. Excellent vapor. Would like to know who makes it.
B.D. – Nevada

Smooth tobacco flavor. Hint of something but I am not sure what. Outstanding vapor!
M.K. – Florida

Love it! Nice tobacco flavor.
C.O. – Ohio

Some kind of regular tobacco flavor but for me it was not strong enough.
A.L. – Indiana

A friend and I both tested it out to our pleasant surprise to a nice hint of Bailey’s. At least that’s what we both thought it tasted like. At first, it almost tasted like Amaretto to me, but having my tasting partner just buy a bottle of Bailey’s the night before was easily turned. It produced a nice vapor with the 4072 Penstyle & 510. It also had a pleasant after taste but maybe a little too strong of an alcohol taste for those that may not partake. We both give two thumbs up!
B.D. – Texas


Sample “A” was our new Totally Green Mix USA in 24mg.

Sample B:

I performed the test at both 3.7 volts (Janty Ego w/LR atty) drip tip and at 5.0 volts (Joker w/Janty 510 atty) drip tip.

Vapor production was good at both, probably 7.5/10.

Flavor is not to my taste at either voltage but as follows:

3.7 LR Ego – mint and clove flavor, the aroma is good but the flavor is not good and weak. 4/10

5.0 Joker – flavor is completely different at this voltage! The flavor is very dry, bland and nearly nonexistent. 2/10
B.C. – Ohio

The taste was very good, I still have not been able to define the flavor it is ??????

JUST GOOD!! Got to be the best tasting vape I have ever had.The taste was familiar but could not pin point what it was, to me it taste like a very good tobacco with a sweet after taste that rounded out the flavor.

The throat hit was very good but dissapated quick on exhale that I think would be good to vape in public places as it wouldn’t draw attention.
G.C. – Georgia

The sample was very smooth with a hint of spice finish. It had a mild tobacco taste and excellent vapor but not a big throat hit. I might add that I usually vape 36mg so this just might have been because the sample was 24mg.
M.H. – Indiana

Good vape.. could not quite place the flavor. Wasn’t exactly what I would buy for myself but it was ok.
T.P. – Indiana


Sample “B” was our new formulation of RY-4 by Bauway in 24mg.

Sample C:

Myself and 3 others sat down and tried this liquid at 3.7v,5v,and 6v..With an atomizer and a cartomizer..Results not so good..Only a slight flavor at any voltage and couldnt quite figure out what it was..We could only come up with chocolate or coffe or maybe chocolate/coffee mix..And no matter what voltage its taste was burnt.Vapor production was EH at 3.7 but much better at higher voltage..But also a stronger burnt taste..Keep in mind i personally like a very strong taste to my flavors and i’m 99% of the time a menthol vaper as the other 3 people were also..Maybe that has something to do with the taste at least for us..This bottle C is nothing i would recommened or want to try again BUT does not mean it would be bad for everyone.
M.V. – WI

I have been using a coffee flavored 24mg flavor from another company. Your sample C seemed to be a coffee flavor as well but slightly stronger at 36mg. The vapor was excellent as was the other brand’s. The throat hit was more distinct but not overpowering and very enjoyable. This strength has so far proven more satisfying than any other I have tried. This was the first 36mg vapor I have tried so I do not know if the throat hit is related to the juice strength. The flavor of the competitor’s coffee was much more pronounced and tasted better but as a user I felt less impact from the competitor’s 24mg. This is of course assuming your sample is indeed coffee. Overall, I feel it was a very good juice.
C.C. – KY

I tried the liquid sample it’s good I guess, but the vapor production is kinda low, but love the taste.
R.R. – NY

It is very good in flavor and has good smooth throat hit that produces good vapor. It has a taste like cappuccino to me, very good just a little to mild for my taste.
G.C. – GA

Vapor production was good, little spicy on the throat hit, not a whole lot of the flavor for awhile. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I thought hmmm, coffee? NOPE, then one day I smelled the top cap and I got it Chocolate.
A.F. – IL

I thought ithad some Coffee, maybe some chocolate and just a hint of cinnamon. It also had a good, pretty strong throat hit.
A.N. – NJ


Sample “C” was Red Sea Mocha in 36mg.
– See more at: http://indyvaporshop.com/betatere.html#sthash.O6uU8SYJ.dpuf