Folks this is the REAL DEAL.

I want to offer a valiant Thank You to everyone who was able to attend the Rally at the Statehouse today. I also want to express my discouragement to those who did not attend, or did not have a reasonable reason for not attending. It was very disappointing to not have more Vape Shop owners in attendance.

Unless our request for preliminary injunction against the State of Indiana is granted or unless the Federal lawsuit against the State prevails before July 1, 2016, store owners will not be able to offer any out of state produced e-liquid.

Most consumers are not aware that the law also prohibits purchasing online. A great number of major e-liquid manufacturers have already stopped shipping to Indiana. Most think they can travel out of state and make juice purchases. That is possible but if anyone is “caught” with the out of state produced juice, they are subject to a fine of $175 to $250. DIY – Doing it Yourself will also become illegal on that date.

We are having another Rally April 24th. at Noon on Monument Circle. If shop owners and consumers truly care about the continued use of Vapor Products in the State of Indiana,


And bring along friends and family that are smokers that have an interest in Vaping. We will have free starter kits available as well as answers to any questions that the smoker might have.

To Indiana Vapor Shop Owners: If you have not supported the efforts to keep vaping viable in this state, you don’t deserve to be, and will not be in business after July 1, 2016.