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Vermillion River E-Liquid 25mg

Vermillion River E-Liquid 25mg
Item #:e-vermillion-river

Each 30ML Bottle Comes With Child Resistant Cap.

5mg - 15mg - 25mg

Samples size is 25mg.

Due to legal, health, and safety concerns, We can not accept returns or exchanges on any of our liquid products irrespective of whether or not they have been opened or used. Tastes vary with every individual. What one user might find outstanding, another might find terrible.

Our e liquid is best when used on a 3.7v device. Using with higher voltage units may result in a degradation of taste/flavor.

Sorry, due to contractual obligations, no discount coupons/codes can be used on this item.

What is Vermillion River Premium E-Liquid?

At Vermillion River, They Take Pride In Excellence.

Their E-Juice Is American Made, The Finest E-Liquid For Any E Cigarette.

Their products are made in Minnesota, "America 's heartland" with only the highest quality American ingredients. Mixed by hand in small batches by their masters to ensure you the best E-smoking Experience available.

Vermillion River American made Premium E-Juice is blended between 30-40%VG & 60-70% PG using the highest quality American Ingredients to optimize flavor, throat hit and vaper production.

Taste Vermillion River's premium E-juice and experience "The New American Tradition" for yourself.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Ky4: It all begins with Kentucky Premium Blend, then they add a pinch of of this and that, mix in a hint of something special, and there it is. Vermillion's version of the RY4. Give it a try, it will make your go to list.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Lemon Cake: Tastes like a freshly baked lemon cake!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Peach Tea: A sweet green tea flavor bursting with peach!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Primer Fluid: Capture the essence of the famous green fairy with this absinthe flavored E-Juice!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Root Beer: The great taste of a frosty mug of old fashioned Root Beer from your PV.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Baja Blitz: It's blue-raspberry, lime, and other flavors that comes together to recreate that famous blue fountain drink.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Jolly Grape: Tastes like a grape hard candy!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Pink Lemonade: Like summer time at Grandma's house!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Fruit Stripe Illusions: The amazing ever changing taste of an old classic, Fruit Stripe gum. You get the Illusion of a different fruit with each vape.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Honeywood: The perfect balance of our Kentucky Premium Blend and the smooth sweet taste of pure Honey.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Cherry Rave: It reminds us of a certain round cherry candy.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Monster: A high energy flavor!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Mega Mint: Maximum mint taste, with no tobacco flavoring.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Melon Burst: The light refreshing taste of Summer Melons. Honeydew and Cantaloupe join together for a very refreshing treat of summer.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Frosty Grape: A new twist on an old favorite, Grape juice with a slight Minty fresh taste.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Malibu Pineapple: The amazing taste of Hawaiian Pineapple perfectly blended with the creamy smooth taste of Malibu Coconut.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Game Night: A Natural Tobacco blend designed to make game night, a little more enjoyable. One of the new Poker line of tobaccos from VR.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Poker Blend: A Classic Natural Tobacco blend designed to make Poker night, or anytime, a little more enjoyable. A whole new traditional line of tobaccos from VR.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Summer Breeze: The light refreshing taste of Summer. A light fresh fruit sparkley taste that is a little hard to describe. Simply light and refreshing.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Banana: The taste of our Kentucky Premium Blend combined with a ripe, almost banana bread or banana foster, yeah, it's good.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Georgia Peach: The refreshing taste of a ripe Georgia peach in the summer, what more can we say.

Vermillion River E-Liquid K-Max: Combines the classic tobaccos from Kentucky Premium Blend and our Classic Blend, along with a list of complex undertones and give an amazing Tobacco finish. Destin to be a top shelf you will want to enjoy all day.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Mystic Cherry Jr: Mystic Cherry Jr. is made with the original Mystic Cherry in mind, It is very close to the original with a slightly milder taste. You spoke, we listened. This is a sweet wild cherry flavor.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Butter Rum: The perfect blend of sweet caramel, butter, a little spice and of coarse the rum. This is somewhere between a Life Saver and the real deal. It doesn't get any better than this.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Ameretto Blend: The taste of Kentucky Premium Blend combined with a fine Ameretto. There is just the mildest hit of Kentucky tobacco with a bold and smoky almond hit. Just a touch of the not-so-sweet side, but that is what a good ameretto is supposed to taste like!

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Premium: This is the Famous Kentucky Cure With a New Name. Sure to become a classic, Kentucky Premium Blend has a very smooth classic tobacco taste combined with very subtle caramel and nutty undertones. Sure to be a top shelf must have you will want to enjoy all day everyday.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Applewood Blend: Vermillion's famous Kentucky Premium Blend with a hint of sweet apple blended to perfection.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Cherrywood Blend: The famous Kentucky Premium Blend combined with a hint of cherry.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Peachwood Blend: Kentucky Peachwood Blend is the famous Kentucky Premium Blend with a hint of fresh juicy Peach blended to perfection.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Maplewood Blend: The perfect balance of Kentucky Premium Blend and the smooth taste of pure Maple, Oh Canada would be so proud. "aye"

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Vanilla: Our classic Kentucky Premium Blend combined with a hint of the smooth mellow taste of vanilla. Simply the best.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Blend 7: Two famous Kentucky tastes have come together. The distinctive taste of a perfectly aged Kentucky Bourbon blended with our Kentucky Premium Blend.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Classic Blend: A must try for the tobacco aficionado. The Classic Blend is more of an experience than just a taste. All natural tobaccos blended together for a true tobacco experience.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Minnesota Menthol: Like a Minnesota morning, very cool and refreshing, this is a true tobacco flavored menthol. The tobacco flavor combined with a touch of mint and true menthol make this a menthol lovers dream.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Fresh Mint: A true cooling extravaganza, pure mint flavor without the tobacco tones, just clean cool mint.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Cafe Coffee: A great cup of coffee, wake you up in the morning taste, toned with the perfect blend of cream and sugar.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Cinnamon Roll: Remember when you mother or your grandmother was baking cinnamon rolls, that one of kind smell leading up to that one and only taste. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls with the frosting and a little butter.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Texas Watermelon: That’s right, the refreshing taste of watermelon right here in an E juice. Very good.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Caramelized Cappuccino: The perfect combonation of sweet and burnt caramel blended with a frothy cappuccino.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Hard Lemonade: The taste of our Hard Lemonade was inspired by some guy named Mike. All the pucker up lemon taste with a small twist of cranberry. By the way, we left out the alcohol in our version.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Florida Citrus Explosion: Exploding with orange, lemon and lime flavor, this Florida Citrus Explosion will definitely make your morning, or anytime, a little brighter. Very light and refreshing citrus taste.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky French Vanilla: The subtle great smooth taste of our French vanilla is sure to impress.

Vermillion River E-Liquid Kentucky Blueberry: The light refreshing taste of blueberries, an all-time classic favorite fruit lightly sweetened.

Vermillion River E-Liquid 15mg

Vermillion River E-Liquid 5mg