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5 Star Shopping

5 Star Shopping
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information
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Searching Our Store
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Contact Information

Phone Number – (317) 291-1087
Email -

Hours of Operation – Monday – Thursday 11am to 6pm
Friday – Saturday 11am to 5pm

About Us

We have operated a gold,silver, and rare coin dealership ( in Indianapolis for over 30 years. Selling online since 1993, one of the first handfull of dealers to do so.

As an electronic cigarette user myself, I endeavor to provide accurate answers to a new customers concerns. By do so, hopefully provide a solid fountain for their new experience.

Searching Our Store

Most parts and accessories can be located by using the category menu. However, if you have difficulty finding a particular item, just list the item in the search box and the site will return any product matching your description.

Shopping Tips: Know the model of electronic cigarette that you have, or are considering. The most popular model is the Joye 510. There are also other well performing models including the 801, 808, and 901.

Each model has different threading on the parts and usually are not interchangeable with another model.

Always have spare parts for your model. Re-charging your battery is easy, but if you do not have a spare atomizer or e-liquid, you are dead in the water.

Ask if you are not sure. We are always ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

Product Availability & Information

While we try to keep a large stock on any item on the website, occasionally we may run out. Please be assured that any product that is listed as "out of Stock" is being restocked as soon as possible.

Since almost all hardware items are only produced in China, there can be a 1-2 week delay before the product will be available.

Size – Most users, especially new ones, prefer a size that is close to a tobacco cigarette. Our most popular kit, the Joye 510 is approximately 100mm in length and very light weight.

Product Information: Electronic cigarettes are an evolving technology and not perfected as yet. They are constructed of non-durable replaceable components with a limited life span. All components are considered disposable and will require frequent replacement. The life span of any individual part is unpredictable. Depending on many factors, they may last 1 day or 1 month and everything in between.

We suggest the buyer always have spare atomizers.

The cost of standard replacement atomizers is approximately $9.00. We suggest that the buyer budget for 4 atomizers per month though it is unlikely that number will be needed.

Be an informed consumer. There is a abundance of information on forums such as the electronic cigarette forum and you-tube.

Understand that using electronic cigarettes, while providing the same experience as using a tobacco cigarette, there are differences.

No e-liquid is going the provide exactly the same taste as burning a weed (tobacco), though the tobacco flavors are actually quite close in taste. With a tobacco cigarette, the more air inhaled, you more smoke. An e-cigarette works best by inhaling slowly. Think of sipping a soda thru a straw for about 3-4 seconds. This permits the atomizer to turn the liquid into vapor and provides the most taste and vapor.

Many smokers usually inhale directly into the lungs. An e-cigarette works best by inhaling into the mouth, enjoying the taste and experience, then swallowing the vapor into the lungs and exhale.

Placing Order Tips/Options

We are happy to serve you at our brick and mortar store during business hours; or 24/7 from our website.

While we prefer online ordering since it provides hard copies of the order, to us and the customer, we do accept phone orders. When calling, please be patient. It is not uncommon to have a dozen or more customers being served in the store at one time. You may need to leave a voice mail message which we will return as quickly as possible.

Tax Information

Currently all store orders and any online or phone order from the state of Indiana is taxed at a 7% rate.

Payment Methods Available - Visa and Mastercard online. Cash and credit card in the store.

Problems with Your Order – Please contact us immediately with any concerns about your order. For complete information, please see the shipping and warranty tabs from any page on the website.

Change or Cancel an Order – We will be happy to change or cancel any order that has not been processed and shipped. Even then, customers are always free to return any item in unopened and unused conditions unless specifically exempted in the warranty and shipping sections of the website.

Free Shipping

Orders over $100 are shipped free of charge.

Shipping Methods Available

United States Postal Service 1st. Class and Priority are the only methods available currently.

Shipping Rates

Shipping/processing charge for a package under 1 pound is a flat rate of $3.95.

Priority shipping/processing upgrade, or any package weighing 1 pound or over is a flat rate of $5.95.

We are not responsible, and can not be held liable for, any orders that are shown as delivered by USPS but are not received by you.

International Customers

Sorry but we only ship domestically.

Track Your Order

Tracking information is provided by email when the order is processed for shipping.

All purchases are shipped in the order received.

Sunday through 4PM Thursday orders, I try to get out the next morning but Friday and Saturday orders can not be processed and shipped until Monday morning.

Return Policy

*Only items that are DOA (Do not work the first time used) will have any return privilege. Please see the Warranty Tab from any page for full policy disclosure.


The cost of shipping any defective item back to Indy Vapor Shop is the responsibility of the buyer.


This site is hosted by Yahoo! Store. Yahoo! hosts the store pages, ordering system, and order data. Yahoo! automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. If you accessed this store through Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! also automatically collects information about your shopping experience. Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about how Yahoo! uses this information.


When shopping online, always use web pages you are familiar with and trust.

All items on this site labeled "Joye" are authentic original Joye Tech product.

Buyers should be aware that the generic terms "510" - "eGo" - "eGo-T" - "eGo-C" are not indicative that the product is an original Joye Tech electronic cigarette. Also be aware that any vaporizer marketed as "Joye" and priced significantly below the competition, is most likely a clone or knock-off.

Joye factory authorized distributors must follow a reasonable price structure or risk loosing their ability to stock Joye Tech products.

Indy Vapor Shop is proud to be a Joye Tech factory authorized distributor.


A good indication of the quality of a merchant web site is answered by these questions:

Do they use SSL certificates?
You can see this easily by looking at the address bar in your browser. If it reads: https:// on the payment page, your credit card information is securely transferred.

Do I pay on a pop-up?

This payment method is called web form and is a more secure alternative way of making payments online since the communication goes directly to merchant service provider.

Are there complaints regarding the company on forums and online?

Misbehaving merchants are often and soon written about in various forums online. Google the web site if you are unsure of its quality.

My card was stolen and I did not make the purchase, what do I do now?

Contact Indy Vapor Shop for advice and help with getting your funds returned. Remember to always cancel a stolen or fraudulently used credit card.

Indy Vapor Shop will not sell or rent your personal information to companies or individuals.

We collect only the information as necessary to process your transaction and maintain your account.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please feel free to contact us.